Who do you want to reach?

Callum Sneddon
MD Bjorn Borg UK

"During the first year of marketing for the Bjorn Borg brand within the UK, we made the successful decision to spend our entire marketing budget on PR and in store events. This has proved to be a very good decision and the brand has grown significantly. We still spend a significant proportion of our marketing budget on PR as we believe it is vital to connect with and inform the key press and consumers."

Knowing your potential target audience is key to success - sounds obvious doesn’t it? Right! But you’d be surprised how often top selling brands have no idea who is buying their products and why? If as an up and coming beauty brand you know what your consumer needs are as well as what they like, then you are well on the way to making your brand a success, which is why when we talk to potential clients we’ll ask them to complete a brand ‘selling proposition guide’. This enables us to target the right consumer in the right environment.

However if like thousands of other brands you have no idea who your target is, don’t worry as we can help with that aspect too. With many years of marketing knowledge behind us we can assist you with your targeting. In addition we have many distribution contacts too and can if required make the right connections for your brand to be sold in additional outlets.