Specialising in Beauty PR

Azur PR, focuses on entrepreneurs, innovators and UK introductions needing PR exposure within the beauty, wellbeing, travel and gift sectors. Raising awareness and product sales for new brands is what we love to do.

PR programmes for luxury, startups, entrepreneurs, UK introductions and established businesses in the beauty, luxury, grooming and travel sectors.

We produce best practice content aligned to each client specifically for the media.

Journalists, Bloggers and communications experts engage with our content to deliver awareness, greater distribution and sales for our clients.

Our expertise and an extensive little ‘red book’ of contacts, as well as many journalist friends, means that we know digital and print media inside and out.

Knowledge of what journalists want from the other side of the desk, with our vast experience within the beauty, luxury and travel sectors within the media, including shoot direction and YouTube video production.

Focussed, energetic and honest. Our Beauty, Travel, PR & Marketing consultancy makes a real difference to our client's brands sales and success.

Our Public Relations activities helps our clients, by educating the media about their products in order to drive awareness, impact, sales and marketing best practices.

At Azur PR we focus on doing what's valuable for our clients to help them fulfil their dreams.

How we do it

Creative thinking 'Out of the box' in order to 'be heard above the noise'.

Through collaboration with beauty journalists like Donna Francis, Azur's press releases and PR events are approached from a unique 'insider' advantage.

Media relations with our extensive contact book.

Event ideas and management for well attended launch events.

Integrated & aligned campaigns inclusive of Blogging, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Face to face regular meetings.

Experiential media events to communicate and generate a deeper level of emotional engagement.

Better conversion rates and with a good return on investment.

Making waves

Like sea water hitting the shore we have the energy and dynamism to see your brand reach its ultimate goals.

We meet and talk to beauty journalists. You are far more likely to be featured if the press release and product sample has been delivered personally. For some, PR is about sending press releases by email. Your email is more likely to get read by journalists if they know who you are. Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day, most of which remain unopened. We organise one to ones, meet and know the journalists personally as well as their titles needs, and organise memorable product launch events, which is why we get such good results.

Azur PR is a focussed, energetic, Beauty PR & Marketing consultancy located wherever we need to be in order to achieve our clients aims and objectives. Christina's approach is driven by her expertise working within in house beauty PR departments for leading FMCG companies and within newspapers and magazines, so she knows what journalists want from the other side of the desk. With an expansive little ‘red book’ of contacts as well as many journalist friends, she understands print media inside and out. Beauty is our niche market area where we believe we can make a real difference to our clients brands sales and success.

Specialising in New Business, start up's and business expansions into the UK Market

At Azur PR we help new business's to succeed in whatever way possible. With many years experience in beauty, grooming and travel marketing and PR we act as an extension to their team.

Worldwide there is a growing desire for employment and more and more small business's are starting up in Britain today. There's a belief that in future years there will be more small companies of 5 to 10 employees and we are well placed to help these start ups.

Authenticity, respect and transparency are sought after qualities that we provide. And with a growing trend led by independents for lovingly creating products, natural and organic made with the planet in mind, we know we're on the right track to helping those start up's achieve their dreams.

A brand’s distinct point of difference
and most basic reason for being
are its most precious commodities

From: How to build a beauty brand in the digital age

Photography by Piers Golden goldenphoto.co.uk