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Protecting eyes at 30,000ft - Give the Gift of UV Eye protection

Protect your eyes at 30,000ft with Occles

Next time you’re jetting off 
think about your eyes

Are you aware of the risk your eyes are exposed to flying at 30,000ft? Dermatologist Mark Glashofer* has reported that UVA rays can penetrate the window glass and burn skin and eyes whilst travelling. It is recommended to wear both a UV certified eye mask and sunscreen. The solution is British designed Occles Travel Eyewear, a must have accessory to be included in your hand luggage for flight travel all year round. 

Occles Revolutionises Travel Eyewear

British designed travel eyewear innovation Occles, is ideal for those suffering from light pollution on the plane, train, tube or in their bedroom, hotel rooms or anywhere that light infiltrates, either from indoor bothersome lighting or from excessive street lights.

This is a problem which causes lack of sleep when travelling or relaxing on the ski slopes, by the pool or in the hammock and can be solved with this innovative eyewear. Lack of sleep is a modern day complaint with continuous demands on our time.

Beat the glare this skiing season

Skiing is great fun at this time of year and being able to sunbathe your face and arms is all part of the fun! But the sun on the ski slopes can be glaring as well as treacherous on the face and eyes and much too bright to catch some much needed zzz’s after all that aprés-sking the night before! But if you own a pair of Occles, it won’t be!

Tired Eyes? Solution needed? New British product for travel and home

Lack of sleep is a modern day complaint with continuous demands on our time. Our eyes often take most of the strain, reading, writing, iPhones, computers, books and papers, in fact everything we do in today’s world involves our eyes. Computers and phones emit light waves which are said to disturb and disrupt sleep patterns and well known advice is to turn off your digital items at least two hours prior to sleeping to ensure a good nights rest.

Occles appoints Azur PR

Azur PR has been appointed to handle the launch and ongoing PR campaign for luxury travel eyewear brand Occles. This new British innovative travel eyewear is designed by Occles, ideal for long distance travel, planes, trains, tubes, spa’s as well as on the beach. Cutting edge designed to absolutely block out light relaxing the eyes totally and enabling the wearer to meditate or sleep in the most difficult and uncomfortable situations.

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